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not any([
# The sc_elab_and_sim mechanism is purposefully not supported.
name == "sc_elab_and_sim",
# The wif trace format is deprecated, and probably would take a non-trivial
# amount of work to support.
# Phase callbacks are an experimental feature. Also calling all the interested
# sc_objects whenever time advances would add a non-trivial amount of
# complexity and is probably not worth implementing in general.
path in (
# Uses sc_get_curr_simcontext.
# Uses sc_elab_and_sim.
# Tests the deprecated sc_string type which we aren't supporting.
# This test declares a constructor it never defines, so it's not clear how
# it would ever work?
# Another test which calls an undefined function.
# These tests rely on implicit FXVAL constructors based on primitive types,
# but enabling that makes other operator overloads ambiguous so things
# don't compile. It also seems dangerous to change what the headers look
# like between the backing implementation and the consuming application.