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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* List each unit test as selftest(name, function)
* The name is used as both an enum and expanded as subtest__name to create
* a module parameter. It must be unique and legal for a C identifier.
* The function should be of type int function(void). It may be conditionally
* compiled using #if IS_ENABLED(DRM_I915_SELFTEST).
* Tests are executed in order by igt/drv_selftest
selftest(sanitycheck, i915_live_sanitycheck) /* keep first (igt selfcheck) */
selftest(uncore, intel_uncore_live_selftests)
selftest(requests, i915_gem_request_live_selftests)
selftest(objects, i915_gem_object_live_selftests)
selftest(dmabuf, i915_gem_dmabuf_live_selftests)
selftest(coherency, i915_gem_coherency_live_selftests)
selftest(gtt, i915_gem_gtt_live_selftests)
selftest(contexts, i915_gem_context_live_selftests)
selftest(hangcheck, intel_hangcheck_live_selftests)