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* FireDTV driver (formerly known as FireSAT)
* Copyright (C) 2004 Andreas Monitzer <>
* Copyright (C) 2008 Henrik Kurelid <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
* the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef _FIREDTV_H
#define _FIREDTV_H
#include <linux/time.h>
#include <linux/dvb/dmx.h>
#include <linux/dvb/frontend.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/mod_devicetable.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/spinlock_types.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include <demux.h>
#include <dmxdev.h>
#include <dvb_demux.h>
#include <dvb_frontend.h>
#include <dvb_net.h>
#include <dvbdev.h>
struct firedtv_tuner_status {
unsigned active_system:8;
unsigned searching:1;
unsigned moving:1;
unsigned no_rf:1;
unsigned input:1;
unsigned selected_antenna:7;
unsigned ber:32;
unsigned signal_strength:8;
unsigned raster_frequency:2;
unsigned rf_frequency:22;
unsigned man_dep_info_length:8;
unsigned front_end_error:1;
unsigned antenna_error:1;
unsigned front_end_power_status:1;
unsigned power_supply:1;
unsigned carrier_noise_ratio:16;
unsigned power_supply_voltage:8;
unsigned antenna_voltage:8;
unsigned firewire_bus_voltage:8;
unsigned ca_mmi:1;
unsigned ca_pmt_reply:1;
unsigned ca_date_time_request:1;
unsigned ca_application_info:1;
unsigned ca_module_present_status:1;
unsigned ca_dvb_flag:1;
unsigned ca_error_flag:1;
unsigned ca_initialization_status:1;
enum model_type {
struct device;
struct input_dev;
struct fdtv_ir_context;
struct firedtv {
struct device *device;
struct list_head list;
struct dvb_adapter adapter;
struct dmxdev dmxdev;
struct dvb_demux demux;
struct dmx_frontend frontend;
struct dvb_net dvbnet;
struct dvb_frontend fe;
struct dvb_device *cadev;
int ca_last_command;
int ca_time_interval;
struct mutex avc_mutex;
wait_queue_head_t avc_wait;
bool avc_reply_received;
struct work_struct remote_ctrl_work;
struct input_dev *remote_ctrl_dev;
enum model_type type;
char subunit;
s8 isochannel;
struct fdtv_ir_context *ir_context;
enum fe_sec_voltage voltage;
enum fe_sec_tone_mode tone;
struct mutex demux_mutex;
unsigned long channel_active;
u16 channel_pid[16];
int avc_data_length;
u8 avc_data[512];
/* firedtv-avc.c */
int avc_recv(struct firedtv *fdtv, void *data, size_t length);
int avc_tuner_status(struct firedtv *fdtv, struct firedtv_tuner_status *stat);
struct dtv_frontend_properties;
int avc_tuner_dsd(struct firedtv *fdtv, struct dtv_frontend_properties *params);
int avc_tuner_set_pids(struct firedtv *fdtv, unsigned char pidc, u16 pid[]);
int avc_tuner_get_ts(struct firedtv *fdtv);
int avc_identify_subunit(struct firedtv *fdtv);
struct dvb_diseqc_master_cmd;
int avc_lnb_control(struct firedtv *fdtv, char voltage, char burst,
char conttone, char nrdiseq,
struct dvb_diseqc_master_cmd *diseqcmd);
void avc_remote_ctrl_work(struct work_struct *work);
int avc_register_remote_control(struct firedtv *fdtv);
int avc_ca_app_info(struct firedtv *fdtv, char *app_info, unsigned int *len);
int avc_ca_info(struct firedtv *fdtv, char *app_info, unsigned int *len);
int avc_ca_reset(struct firedtv *fdtv);
int avc_ca_pmt(struct firedtv *fdtv, char *app_info, int length);
int avc_ca_get_time_date(struct firedtv *fdtv, int *interval);
int avc_ca_enter_menu(struct firedtv *fdtv);
int avc_ca_get_mmi(struct firedtv *fdtv, char *mmi_object, unsigned int *len);
int cmp_establish_pp_connection(struct firedtv *fdtv, int plug, int channel);
void cmp_break_pp_connection(struct firedtv *fdtv, int plug, int channel);
/* firedtv-ci.c */
int fdtv_ca_register(struct firedtv *fdtv);
void fdtv_ca_release(struct firedtv *fdtv);
/* firedtv-dvb.c */
int fdtv_start_feed(struct dvb_demux_feed *dvbdmxfeed);
int fdtv_stop_feed(struct dvb_demux_feed *dvbdmxfeed);
int fdtv_dvb_register(struct firedtv *fdtv, const char *name);
void fdtv_dvb_unregister(struct firedtv *fdtv);
/* firedtv-fe.c */
void fdtv_frontend_init(struct firedtv *fdtv, const char *name);
/* firedtv-fw.c */
int fdtv_lock(struct firedtv *fdtv, u64 addr, void *data);
int fdtv_read(struct firedtv *fdtv, u64 addr, void *data);
int fdtv_write(struct firedtv *fdtv, u64 addr, void *data, size_t len);
int fdtv_start_iso(struct firedtv *fdtv);
void fdtv_stop_iso(struct firedtv *fdtv);
/* firedtv-rc.c */
int fdtv_register_rc(struct firedtv *fdtv, struct device *dev);
void fdtv_unregister_rc(struct firedtv *fdtv);
void fdtv_handle_rc(struct firedtv *fdtv, unsigned int code);
static inline int fdtv_register_rc(struct firedtv *fdtv,
struct device *dev) { return 0; }
static inline void fdtv_unregister_rc(struct firedtv *fdtv) {}
static inline void fdtv_handle_rc(struct firedtv *fdtv, unsigned int code) {}
#endif /* _FIREDTV_H */