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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#include "common.h"
* Checks that registers contain what we expect, ie. they were not clobbered by
* the syscall.
* r15: pattern to check registers against.
* At the end r3 == 0 if everything's OK.
nop # guaranteed to be illegal in reverse-endian
mr r9,r15
cmpd r9,r3 # check r3
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,4 # check r4
cmpd r9,r4
bne 1f
lis r9,0x00FF # check CR
ori r9,r9,0xF000
mfcr r10
and r10,r10,r9
cmpw r9,r10
addi r9,r15,34
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,32 # check LR
mflr r10
cmpd r9,r10
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,5 # check r5
cmpd r9,r5
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,6 # check r6
cmpd r9,r6
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,7 # check r7
cmpd r9,r7
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,8 # check r8
cmpd r9,r8
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,13 # check r13
cmpd r9,r13
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,14 # check r14
cmpd r9,r14
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,16 # check r16
cmpd r9,r16
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,17 # check r17
cmpd r9,r17
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,18 # check r18
cmpd r9,r18
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,19 # check r19
cmpd r9,r19
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,20 # check r20
cmpd r9,r20
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,21 # check r21
cmpd r9,r21
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,22 # check r22
cmpd r9,r22
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,23 # check r23
cmpd r9,r23
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,24 # check r24
cmpd r9,r24
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,25 # check r25
cmpd r9,r25
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,26 # check r26
cmpd r9,r26
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,27 # check r27
cmpd r9,r27
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,28 # check r28
cmpd r9,r28
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,29 # check r29
cmpd r9,r29
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,30 # check r30
cmpd r9,r30
bne 1f
addi r9,r15,31 # check r31
cmpd r9,r31
bne 1f
b 2f
1: mr r3, r9
li r0, __NR_exit
2: li r0, __NR_switch_endian