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# See LICENSE for license details.
# recoding.S
# Test corner cases of John Hauser's microarchitectural recoding scheme.
# There are twice as many recoded values as IEEE-754 values; some of these
# extras are redundant (e.g. Inf) and others are illegal (subnormals with
# too many bits set).
#include "riscv_test.h"
#include "test_macros.h"
# Make sure infinities with different mantissas compare as equal.
fld f0, minf, a0
fld f1, three, a0
fmul.d f1, f1, f0
TEST_CASE( 2, a0, 1, feq.d a0, f0, f1)
TEST_CASE( 3, a0, 1, fle.d a0, f0, f1)
TEST_CASE( 4, a0, 0, flt.d a0, f0, f1)
# Likewise, but for zeroes.
fcvt.d.w f0, x0
li a0, 1
fcvt.d.w f1, a0
fmul.d f1, f1, f0
TEST_CASE(5, a0, 1, feq.d a0, f0, f1)
TEST_CASE(6, a0, 1, fle.d a0, f0, f1)
TEST_CASE(7, a0, 0, flt.d a0, f0, f1)
# When converting small doubles to single-precision subnormals,
# ensure that the extra precision is discarded.
flw f0, big, a0
fld f1, tiny, a0
fcvt.s.d f1, f1
fmul.s f0, f0, f1
fmv.x.s a0, f0
lw a1, small
TEST_CASE(10, a0, 0, sub a0, a0, a1)
# Make sure FSD+FLD correctly saves and restores a single-precision value.
flw f0, three, a0
fadd.s f1, f0, f0
fadd.s f0, f0, f0
fsd f0, tiny, a0
fld f0, tiny, a0
TEST_CASE(20, a0, 1, feq.s a0, f0, f1)
minf: .double -Inf
three: .double 3.0
big: .float 1221
small: .float 2.9133121e-37
tiny: .double 2.3860049081905093e-40