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* Hydro.hh
* Created on: Dec 22, 2011
* Author: cferenba
* Copyright (c) 2012, Los Alamos National Security, LLC.
* All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style open-source
* license; see top-level LICENSE file for full license text.
#ifndef HYDRO_HH_
#define HYDRO_HH_
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "Vec2.hh"
// forward declarations
class InputFile;
class Mesh;
class PolyGas;
class TTS;
class QCS;
class HydroBC;
class Hydro {
// associated mesh object
Mesh* mesh;
// children of this object
PolyGas* pgas;
TTS* tts;
QCS* qcs;
std::vector<HydroBC*> bcs;
double cfl; // Courant number, limits timestep
double cflv; // volume change limit for timestep
double rinit; // initial density for main mesh
double einit; // initial energy for main mesh
double rinitsub; // initial density in subregion
double einitsub; // initial energy in subregion
double uinitradial; // initial velocity in radial direction
std::vector<double> bcx; // x values of x-plane fixed boundaries
std::vector<double> bcy; // y values of y-plane fixed boundaries
double dtrec; // maximum timestep for hydro
std::string msgdtrec; // message: reason for dtrec
double2* pu; // point velocity
double2* pu0; // point velocity, start of cycle
double2* pap; // point acceleration
double2* pf; // point force
double* pmaswt; // point mass, weighted by 1/r
double* smaswt; // side contribution to pmaswt
double* zm; // zone mass
double* zr; // zone density
double* zrp; // zone density, middle of cycle
double* ze; // zone specific internal energy
// (energy per unit mass)
double* zetot; // zone total internal energy
double* zetot0; // zetot at start of cycle
double* zw; // zone work done in cycle
double* zwrate; // zone work rate
double* zp; // zone pressure
double* zss; // zone sound speed
double* zdu; // zone velocity difference
double2* sf; // side force (from pressure)
double2* sfq; // side force from artificial visc.
double2* sft; // side force from tts
Hydro(const InputFile* inp, Mesh* m);
void init();
void getData();
void initRadialVel(const double vel);
void doCycle(const double dt);
void getDtHydro(
double& dtnew,
std::string& msgdtnew);
}; // class Hydro
#endif /* HYDRO_HH_ */