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* Mesh.hh
* Created on: Jan 5, 2012
* Author: cferenba
* Copyright (c) 2012, Los Alamos National Security, LLC.
* All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style open-source
* license; see top-level LICENSE file for full license text.
#ifndef MESH_HH_
#define MESH_HH_
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "Vec2.hh"
// forward declarations
class InputFile;
class GenMesh;
class WriteXY;
class ExportGold;
class Mesh {
// children
GenMesh* gmesh;
WriteXY* wxy;
ExportGold* egold;
// parameters
int chunksize; // max size for processing chunks
std::vector<double> subregion; // bounding box for a subregion
// if nonempty, should have 4 entries:
// xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax
// mesh variables
// (See documentation for more details on the mesh
// data structures...)
int nump, nume, numz, nums, numc;
// number of points, edges, zones,
// sides, corners, resp.
int* mapcz; // map: corner -> zone
int* mapcp; // map: corner -> point
int* mapep1; // maps: edge -> points 1 and 2
int* mapep2;
int* mapsp1; // maps: side -> points 1 and 2
int* mapsp2;
int* mapsc1; // maps: side -> corners 1 and 2
int* mapsc2;
int* mapsz; // map: side -> zone
int* mapse; // map: side -> edge
int* mapss3; // map: side -> previous side
int* mapss4; // map: side -> next side
int* znump; // number of points in zone
double2* px; // point coordinates
double2* ex; // edge center coordinates
double2* zx; // zone center coordinates
double2* pxp; // point coords, middle of cycle
double2* exp; // edge ctr coords, middle of cycle
double2* zxp; // zone ctr coords, middle of cycle
double2* px0; // point coords, start of cycle
double* sarea; // side area
double* svol; // side volume
double* carea; // corner area
double* cvol; // corner volume
double* zarea; // zone area
double* zvol; // zone volume
double* sareap; // side area, middle of cycle
double* svolp; // side volume, middle of cycle
double* careap; // corner area, middle of cycle
double* cvolp; // corner volume, middle of cycle
double* zareap; // zone area, middle of cycle
double* zvolp; // zone volume, middle of cycle
double* zvol0; // zone volume, start of cycle
double2* ssurfp; // side surface vector
double* elen; // edge length
double* smf; // side mass fraction
double* zdl; // zone characteristic length
int numsch; // number of side chunks
std::vector<int> schsfirst; // start/stop index for side chunks
std::vector<int> schslast;
std::vector<int> schzfirst; // start/stop index for zone chunks
std::vector<int> schzlast;
int numpch; // number of point chunks
std::vector<int> pchpfirst; // start/stop index for point chunks
std::vector<int> pchplast;
Mesh(const InputFile* inp);
void init();
// populate mapping arrays
void initSides(
const std::vector<int>& cellstart,
const std::vector<int>& cellsize,
const std::vector<int>& cellnodes);
void initEdges();
void initCorners();
// populate chunk information
void initChunks();
// write mesh statistics
void writeStats();
// write mesh
void write(
const std::string& probname,
const int cycle,
const double time,
const double* zr,
const double* ze,
const double* zp);
// compute edge, zone centers
void calcCtrs(
const double2* px,
double2* ex,
double2* zx,
const int sfirst,
const int slast);
// compute side, corner, zone volumes
void calcVols(
const double2* px,
const double2* zx,
double* sarea,
double* svol,
double* carea,
double* cvol,
double* zarea,
double* zvol,
const int sfirst,
const int slast);
// compute side mass fractions
void calcSideFracs(
const double* sarea,
const double* zarea,
double* smf,
const int sfirst,
const int slast);
}; // class Mesh
#endif /* MESH_HH_ */