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# This is tree-walking version of, for demonstration purposes.
# Verified by the test suite to generate identical output to 'make allnoconfig'
# for all ARCHes.
# Note: A more practical version would use Kconfig.node_iter(). The manual tree
# walking is for demonstration purposes.
# Usage for the Linux kernel:
# $ make [ARCH=<arch>] scriptconfig SCRIPT=Kconfiglib/examples/
import sys
from kconfiglib import Kconfig, Symbol
def do_allnoconfig(node):
global changed
# Walk the tree of menu nodes. You can imagine this as going down/into menu
# entries in the menuconfig interface, setting each to n (or the lowest
# assignable value).
while node:
if isinstance(node.item, Symbol):
sym = node.item
# Is the symbol a non-allnoconfig_y symbol that can be set to a
# lower value than its current value?
if (not sym.is_allnoconfig_y and
sym.assignable and
sym.assignable[0] < sym.tri_value):
# Yup, lower it
changed = True
# Recursively lower children
if node.list:
node =
# Parse the Kconfig files
kconf = Kconfig(sys.argv[1])
# Do an initial pass to set 'option allnoconfig_y' symbols to y
for sym in kconf.unique_defined_syms:
if sym.is_allnoconfig_y:
while True:
# Changing later symbols in the configuration can sometimes allow earlier
# symbols to be lowered, e.g. if a later symbol 'select's an earlier
# symbol. To handle such situations, we do additional passes over the tree
# until we're no longer able to change the value of any symbol in a pass.
changed = False
# Did the pass change any symbols?
if not changed: