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sc_report_handler.h -
Original Author: Alex Riesen, Synopsys, Inc.
see also sc_report.h
namespace sc_core {
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// STRUCT : sc_msg_def
// Exception message definition structure
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
struct sc_msg_def
const char* msg_type;
sc_actions actions;
sc_actions sev_actions[SC_MAX_SEVERITY];
unsigned limit;
unsigned sev_limit[SC_MAX_SEVERITY];
unsigned limit_mask; // 0 - limit, 1..4 - sev_limit
unsigned call_count;
unsigned sev_call_count[SC_MAX_SEVERITY];
char* msg_type_data;
int id; // backward compatibility with 2.0+
typedef void (* sc_report_handler_proc)(const sc_report&, const sc_actions &);
class sc_report;
extern bool sc_report_close_default_log();
class sc_report_handler
static void report(sc_severity,
const char* msg_type,
const char* msg,
const char* file,
int line);
static void report( sc_severity,
const char* msg_type,
const char* msg,
int verbosity,
const char* file,
int line );
static sc_actions set_actions(sc_severity,
sc_actions = SC_UNSPECIFIED);
static sc_actions set_actions(const char * msg_type,
sc_actions = SC_UNSPECIFIED);
static sc_actions set_actions(const char * msg_type,
sc_actions = SC_UNSPECIFIED);
static int stop_after(sc_severity, int limit = -1);
static int stop_after(const char* msg_type, int limit = -1);
static int stop_after(const char* msg_type, sc_severity, int limit = -1);
static sc_actions suppress(sc_actions);
static sc_actions suppress();
static sc_actions force(sc_actions);
static sc_actions force();
static int get_count(sc_severity severity_);
static int get_count(const char* msg_type_);
static int get_count(const char* msg_type_, sc_severity severity_);
static int get_verbosity_level();
static int set_verbosity_level( int level );
static void initialize(); // just reset counters
static void release(); // initialize() needed for reports after it
static sc_report_handler_proc set_handler(sc_report_handler_proc);
static sc_report_handler_proc get_handler();
// use set_handler(NULL); to restore default handler
static void default_handler(const sc_report&, const sc_actions&);
static sc_actions get_new_action_id();
static sc_report* get_cached_report();
static void clear_cached_report();
// if filename is NULL, the previous log file name will be removed.
// The provider of a report_handler supposed to handle this.
// Return false if filename is not NULL and filename is already set.
static bool set_log_file_name(const char* filename);
static const char* get_log_file_name();
public: // private, actually
struct msg_def_items
sc_msg_def* md; // have to point to sc_msg_def-s
int count; // set to number of items in md[]
bool allocated; // used internally, previous value ignored
msg_def_items* next; // used internally, previous value ignored
static void add_static_msg_types(msg_def_items *);
static sc_msg_def* add_msg_type(const char * msg_type);
static void cache_report(const sc_report&);
static sc_actions execute(sc_msg_def*, sc_severity);
static sc_actions suppress_mask;
static sc_actions force_mask;
static sc_actions sev_actions[SC_MAX_SEVERITY];
static unsigned sev_limit[SC_MAX_SEVERITY];
static unsigned sev_call_count[SC_MAX_SEVERITY];
static sc_report* last_global_report;
static sc_actions available_actions;
static char* log_file_name;
static int verbosity_level;
static msg_def_items* messages;
static msg_def_items msg_terminator;
static sc_report_handler_proc handler;
static sc_msg_def* mdlookup(const char* msg_type);
private: // backward compatibility with 2.0+
friend class sc_report;
static sc_msg_def* mdlookup(int id);
static void report(sc_severity,
int id,
const char* add_msg,
const char* file,
int line);
} // namespace sc_core
// $Log: sc_report_handler.h,v $
// Revision 1.5 2011/08/26 20:46:19 acg
// Andy Goodrich: moved the modification log to the end of the file to
// eliminate source line number skew when check-ins are done.
// Revision 1.4 2011/03/23 16:16:49 acg
// Andy Goodrich: finish message verbosity support.
// Revision 1.3 2011/02/18 20:38:44 acg
// Andy Goodrich: Updated Copyright notice.
// Revision 1.2 2011/02/01 23:02:05 acg
// Andy Goodrich: IEEE 1666 2011 changes.
// Revision 2006/12/15 20:20:06 acg
// SystemC 2.3
// Revision 1.3 2006/01/13 18:53:11 acg
// Andy Goodrich: Added $Log command so that CVS comments are reproduced in
// the source.
// Taf!